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Our School Motto

Learn the Magic of Learning.
Every child born in this earth has some unique characteristics which we identify, develop and prepare them for the fast moving competitive world. We tap out their hidden talents with our magical wands to reach the epitome of SUCCESS.

Vision : Building inner strength with knowledge and ethics to empower and emergence as an eminent individual

Motto : RJ Mantra aims to foster Self Realization , Self Discipline, Self Esteem.

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School Emblem

An Ant:Team work, Orderliness and Discipline; A Bee:Continous hardwork, preplanning and non stop industrious movement; A Dolphin:Powerful memory power, intimate bonding and relationship; A Hare:Fast and Competent.
The symbol of Goddess Saraswathi - "An open book" is place amidst the shield symbolizing that all the good works of these four creatures are our ultimate potion to be given to our Mantrites. The shield is bestowed over a ribbon which has the words, "Learn the Magic of Learning"

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Our school is an empire which comprises of four kingdoms namely Cheras, Cholas, Pandiyas, Pallavas. This enables us to kindle up a healthy competition among the students and to improvise their sportsmanship. These kingdoms are given points for their personal hygiene, completion of the day to day work and self discipline which will be consolidated at the end of the year and the kingdom that scores the highest will be awarded with a "Rolling Shield". As the emperor and monarchs take up the leadership under the guidance of the ministers, all the princes and the princesses showcase their team spirits as they score higher and higher.

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Contact Info

(Idhayam Rajendran Charities)
Affiliated to CISCE (ICSE&ISC)-TN082

  • 04562 - 247789
  • 8903660689
  • 9489067789
  • rjmantraschool@gmail.com
  • http://www.rjmantra.com
  • Monday-Friday:9am to 4pm
  • Saturday:9am to 12pm
  • Sunday:Closed

Contact Details


Villipathiri - Chinnavallikulam Road,
Post Box No. 89,
Virudhunagar - 626001.

Email: rjmantraschool@gmail.com