A prevalent notion says, “Knowledge is power”, but knowledge alone will not fetch glory. By using kind words with a smile one can win the world. There is nothing as difficult or easy in this world. It is the mind, that makes it so. Everything is possible in this world with a touch of love.
Our joys multiply and sorrows divide when we share it with loved ones. Love also lightens labour and sweetens sorrow. Strength is exchanged mutually and it makes both the giver and the receiver equally happy. So let's take up all our endeavours whole heartedty and willingly. Love is the torch bearer to open the hardset gates and lay the road to successs.

Students can take up their studies with interest and love for learning to reap fantabulous success. All the challenges can be faced, hurdles can be overcome with soothing words and a kind patting. Loving deeds will earn us a rank and dignity in the society. It drives away the ill feelings like jealousy and envy and clad us with noble thoughts, associated with love and give a lustre to our aura.

When love and other related values are giving us strength of mind, success and popularity why don't we choose this way to be ours forever. Let's train our body and mind to follow the path of love laid by our saints and seers for the growth of mankind and our nation. If you want to bend a tree bend a twig. So children must be aware of the value and strength of love and possess it at all cost and cherish it forever.
Gandhiji learnt a poem in his school days which sowed the seed for ahimsa and non- violence in him . It says “Repaying love for love is the act of an ordinary man”. Returning evil for evil reveals animal nature. Doing good to the evil doers reveals nobility. This made Gandhiji love everyone which turned the foes into friends and made him a great historical hero. Love is such a powerful tool. Carry out all your duty with love and get benefitted by this noble virtue.


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