Students Program

Science Lab Visit to Alagappa University, Karaikudi

Our Xth std 26 students visited the Department of Biotechnology,Alagappa University(Science Campus), Karaikudi on 12.02.2020.Dr.R.Gogul, Post Doctoral Fellow gave a lecture on Plant tissue culture and plant growth media formulation. Students were very much inspired by the project to save the endangered medicinal plants in India. Dr.Susmitha, Post Doctoral fellow gave a lecture on DNA extraction process from C. Clegens as a model.

At the end of the session our students had an interaction with Prof. Karuthapandian D.Sc., Head, & Dean of Science, Department of Biotechnology, who gave them career guidance. He also gave some tips to the students to avoid distraction. They learnt life skill development and women empowerment. Our students were grateful to our Management and Principal for giving them such a wonderful opportunity.


The students of XI & XII Std (Commerce) visited ‘Rasathe Garments’- Madurai to collect data for their projects on 30.10.2019(Thursday). They learnt the process of production, division of Labour, different departments and maintenance of records for Account keeping. Thiru. V.R. Thendral shared his experience in Growth and Productivity of Textile Industry.


Thiru. Isaikkavi Ramanan paid a visit to RJ Mantra English School to give a fabulous account of Bharathiyar and judge the children. Each class from grade I – XII selected a Bharathiyar song and sang with great verve and excitement. Individual performances were also given by a few children. He rewarded the winners and motivated them to learn more Bharathiyar songs. The children also learnt a lot about the life of the great poet through his mind blowing speech. It was an inspirational day for the students and the teachers.


It is the Motto put forward by IIMUN for the participants held in TVS Lakshmi School, Madurai. Our mantrites participated in the various committees to express their views, opinions and transform the solutions for the worldly issues. They represented as the delegates of various countries. The volunteered children of classes VI-XI got the opportunity to detail the motion of the UN(United Nations) meet through IIMUN ( India’s International Movement to United Nations)


Create Innovate Inspire
STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
The role of STEM in our day to day was elaborated to our Children. The doors of Robotics was opened to he Children. They learnt the basic requirements needed to make a robot.
The Walt is a robot developed by Walton robotics. Team from Walton High School in Marietta Georgia. This is the robot developed for helping teach people about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math(STEM).This robot compete in FIRST Robotics competition. FIRST Stands For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.
It’s a ton of fun and easy to get involved. For more informationwaltonrobotics.org

App Development

App Development class was conducted Make intern & Shaastra Event (IIT Matras) in our school campus during June 8th to 11th ,2019 .
40 mantrites from class VIII - XII participated in that camp, they learned about Android and concept of creating our own Application in Android Software. The students were totally involved in the camp and they learned enjoyed this class. This class helps the Students to Grooming their technical Skills and Personality of the Participants.

They conducted an assessment for the students. Five students were selected for the next level competition which is to be held at IIT,Delhi. S.Rithvin of class VIII, R.Raja Ram of class XII,M.D.Vetri Vel of class XII, M.Siva Harish of class XII, V.Guru Prasanna of class XII.

A Unique Step towards a Greener RJM

Dr. V. Muralidharan, M.Sc.(Agri.)., Ph.D

  • Director, TRRI, TNAU, Aduthurai,
  • Head, Oilseeds, TNAU, Coimbatore
  • Nodal Officer, Biofuels, TNAU, Coimbatore
  • Professor, TNAU, Coimbatore

Children gained depth of knowledge in various types of Crops and its Nutritional, Medicinal and Commercial Benefits. He presented a PowerPoint presentation for better understanding to the students.
It’s a very good Motivational Session to bring out an interest in gardening among the Children.

Memorable Minute of Mantrites

  • The important leadership skills that a leader must acquire:
    • 1.Puncuality
    • 2.Regularity
    • 3.Keep smiling and clapping always.
  • Basics:Love, live, learn, leave a legacy.
  • A good leader is one who manages herself before they manages others.
  • Care - for the classmates
  • Share - with the classmates
  • Fair – to the Classmates

    Top 10 life time priorities:
  • Knowing myself better and doing things myself.
  • Knowing others and getting work done.
  • Managing myself before managing others.
  • Knowing the environment and protecting it.
  • Acquiring professional skills.
  • Acquiring technological skills.
  • Investing relationships and earning good will.
  • Serving the humanity.
  • Expect the unexpected in life.
  • Achieving success and repeating it.
Decision making -- Time Management (Both these skills mandatory)
The twin aspects of life --> values & skills
Your leadership and words of encouragement mean a lot to me sir. I’m very grateful for the time & effort you have spent with us. We’re awaiting for the next session with you sir.


Robotics class was conducted by Make Intern in our school campus during June 9-12. 40 Mantrites from class VII-XI participated.
In that camp, they learned about the components used in Robots, the basic coding of c and the concept of Integrated Circuits (IC). The students were totally involved in the camp. They were divided into 8 groups and each group created their line-following robots. On the last day of camp. They conducted an assessment for the students. Six students were selected for the next level competition which is to be held at IIT,Delhi.
M.Siva Harish of class XI, N.Athiban of class XI, A Jai Vignesh of class XI,M.D Vetrivel of class XI, R.Ram Prabhu of class X, S.Vignesh Prabhu of class IX

Over seas

Awareness on Overseas education is given to our students by an agency from Newzealand.

Aero Modelling

Aeromodelling class has been organized by IIT, Karagpur and conducted by SKY High Academy in our school campus in the month of August. 30 Mantrites from class VII to XI participated in the training program. The concept of aerodynamics, construction of gliders, planes, hot air balloons and parachute was taught. Assessment was conducted in the last day of the program. S. Pon Balaji, Sri Bhavathi Rani of class XI, R.Ram Prabhu of class IX were selected for the next level competition which is to be held at IIT,Karagpur.

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