Teachers Program

Effective Classroom Lecture (24th June,2019)

Session by Mr. Raja Govindasamy

Mr. Raja Govindasamy gave a wonderful session for the teachers which helped them to have a clear view of the essential of an effective class room lecture. The teachers were motivated to read newspaper regularly, so that they can update themselves in various genres. The teachers were immensely benefitted by the informative session.

Workshop on Carpentry Work (06.07.2019)

Our School management organized a workshop for teaching and non-teaching (Gents faculty) and students on “Carpentry Working in Wood” by Dr. S.Senthil, Instructor and Mr. P.Ganesan, Instructor from Mechanical Engineering at Kamaraj engineering college on 06.07.2019(Saturday).
Carpentry is defined as the art or technique of working wood. He spoke about Woods and its types. He explained in Carpentry tools & instruments and its usages. Finally gave demonstration about working of Carpentry tools. He also taught about Wood working joints.

    The tools are
  • Marking and measuring tool
  • Cutting tool
  • Planning tool
  • Drilling and Boring tool
  • Striking tool
  • Supporting and Holding tool
  • Miscellaneous tools
  • Hand tools

Orientation Programme

by Ms. Neepa Shah and MS. Kavitha

Orentation Programe for all tehPrimary and English teachers on 15,16,17th of April, 2019.
It was an eye opening session for the teachers. The teachers learnt how to introduce phonics to the Kindergarten children in an Innovative manner. They also came to know the different techniques for introducing vowels and Consonants, to stimulate lateral thinking to enrich their ambitious vocabulary and to synchronize their ideas in a creative way.

The teachers got an idea for all grammar topics with splendid activities. Creative writing like letter writing, story writing, poem writing, descriptive writing, argumentative writing were explained amazingly. On the whole the programme was very useful. It was a powerful session filled with ideas.

Solving Non-routine problems

Solving Non-routine problems to the teachers of maths department on 12.4.19 and 13.4.19.
We are gifted to have Dr. S.R. Santhanam’s session on 12th and 13th April 2019, who was the president and founder of AIMER (Association of International Mathematics Education and Research).

Non-routine problem workshop was very useful, innovative, informative and interesting. The teachers got many ideas and shortcuts methods to solve non-routine problems. This session has enthused the teachers to give such problems to our Children which develops their mental ability. Teachers were also trained to frame Higher Order Thinking Skills(HOTS) according to Children’s level. Often, we need such session to stimulate our skill. The whole programme was amazing.

Linguistic Competency

Linguistic Ceremony by Dr. Jeyanthi Balakrishnan on 11th April 2019 for Teachers. Dr.Jeyanthi Balakrishnan gave ideas about how to understand the psychology of the students. She said that the teachers should be divergent thinkers, since the students think out of the box. She said that methodology is more important. She said that teachers are the soldiers in civilian clothes, who can maintain discipline among the students and make them better citizens. She conducted some activities regarding listening skills. It was very useful for the teachers. She is a good motivator.

Solid waste Management:

Our teachers Viji& M.UmaKiruthika attended the workshop on solid management conducted by Dr.Sultan Ismail who coined the term Vermitech. They learnt the various methods to prepare bio-fertilizers and vermicomposting techniques.

Evocative Speakers' club

We conduct RJ Mantra Evocative Speakers' club meetings for the teachers to furnish their communication skills.

Ramanujan Museum & Math education centre Conference

The conference was held on 7.7.17 & 8.7.17 for the teachers of Maths. Our teachers Mrs.F.Gnana Thendral and Mrs. Bhuvaneshwari got to know about Ramanujan museum. They were educated on using the primary level Math kits.

Dyslexia workshop

Our teachers S.Jothipriya and Jothiswari attended Dyslexia workshop Organised by AIMPS Association conducted by Harshini Mohan on 21.7.17 at Germanus Hotel, Madurai.Identifying the Dyslexic children, suggestions and activities to overcome the learning difficulties of the children were discussed .

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